Important Features of Vehicle Tracking System | GPS Tracking System Features

Vehicle Tracking System

A vehicle tracking system allows organizations to quickly realize many benefits, including increased productivity, improved driver and customers safety, and reduced costs. 

Vehicle tracking software is a must among vehicle of any shape or size in these modern times. It helps keep vehicles effective, efficient, and safe while saving them money and keeping customers satisfied. There are many different options available for vehicle tracking software today, and it can be hard to choose which one is best for your vehicle. However, some features are important for modern vehicle tracking software. 

Vehicle tracking software provides a data from multiple touchpoints, including:

  • Tracking devices
  • Advanced sensors
  • Computer-vision-enabled cameras
  • On-board diagnostics systems
  • And more
vehicle tracking

Real time Vehicle Monitoring

Location tracking is at the foundation of vehicle management. Vehicle tracking software you choose must have real-time tracking capabilities. If it doesn’t monitor in real-time, it won’t be of much use to you. Seeing the vehicle move with up-to-date vehicle health details will give you a much clearer picture of what is happening with your vehicle.  You can track driver behavior such as speed, hard braking, rapid acceleration, fatigue, distraction,  engine trouble or tire problems. 

You need to see where your vehicles are in real time, make sure you select a GPS tracker that includes real time feature. This feature is generally included with most GPS tracking systems.

Trip History

Trip history is a very useful feature in a vehicle tracking system. With this feature, you can track all the trips made by your vehicle. You will also be able know if your driver has been making unauthorized trips. This feature lets you see information such as distance covered by the vehicle, acceleration, idling, and stoppages made. With this info, you’ll save on fuel costs.

Customizable Alerts

Vehicle tracking software alert you only when you’re needed. You can set alerts when drivers waste fuel by idling, vehicle maintenance is required, drivers are over speeding, a vehicle is on the move when it’s not supposed to be, or other negative driving behaviours occur. There are many options for setting customizable alerts to fit your needs in vehicle tracking software. 

Mobile App

These days everything has a mobile app. You should track your vehicle an app. A fully featured mobile app gives you all of the information you can access from mobile app! Drivers can keep track of their time, jobs, and logs from the app, while you manage dispatch, maintenance, and everything else. 


Best GPS tracking system allows you to Set reminders for your important events, such as meetings, loading dates, etc., and get notifications via email and mobile phone.                 


Replay allows you to have a bird's eye view of all vehicles. This allows users to monitor the path the vehicle travels between specific dates and times.

Panic Button

In any emergency, when you press the emergency button or panic button, SOS notification and SMS will send your preset SOS phone number and notify your loved ones.      

Geo Fence Alert

Build a geofence, and whenever your vehicle crosses the geofence area or enters the geofence, you will get an instant notification in the vehicle tracking mobile app. 

Ignition On/Off Alerts

 Vehicle tracking app provides instant notification of ignition on/off, as well as the time and location of events that occur on mobile apps and desktops.

Tracking Report

Using the Vehicle tracking application, various reports can be generated according to user needs. For example, ignition/sport/overspeed/idling and parking reports.

Vehicle Lock

Vehicle tracking allows you to remotely control the vehicle from anywhere. Use vehicle tracking online to remotely lock and unlock and get absolute transparency.

Vehicle tracking is a necessity for any vehicle business. It’s essential to keep track of all aspects of your vehicle, from location, maintenance and safety. Kamaraj Software Solutions offers top of the vehicle tracking software with all of these features and more to help your business grow and succeed. To try it out for  yourself, contact with us.



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