GPS Tracking System and its advantages, features

GPS Tracking System

Today’s GPS technology has become a big part of modern life and GPS tracking is a process at the heart of any tracking system. It is one of the most innovative inventions of our time. As it continues to advance, more vehicles around the world are using it to get driving directions and to monitor their vehicles, pets, persons or assets.

GPS Tracking refers to a Global Positioning System. Which is a worldwide radio-navigation system. GPS was initially designed for the operation of U. S. military. But today, there are also many users of GPS across the whole world. The users are allowed to use the Standard Positioning Service without any kind of charge or restrictions.

The system involves a network of satellites orbiting around the Earth and devices that can help determine a vehicle, asset, or a person's location.

A GPS tracking device is a portable unit that allows users to monitor and track its location. These devices are most commonly used in vehicles, asset or persons.

While tracking devices are similar to in-vehicle navigation systems, there are a few key differences. GPS navigation systems show drivers their directions, time, and speed of the vehicle  on a digital map and then provide driving instructions to get to a designated point. On the other hand, GPS trackers use GPS technology to track a vehicle’s current location and trip history. The GPS data is then broadcasted to a computer, smartphone, or tablet. 

GPS Tracking


What is GPS Tracking Used For?

  • School Bus Tracking System - Provide great protection for young children.
  • Waste Management - Monitoring the work done for Waste Management.
  • Bank Cash Vans - Securing the nation's wealth in Bank Cash Vans.
  • Refrigerated Vans & Trucks - Nourishing the food value in Refrigerated Trucks.
  • Personal Tracking - Track, monitor, and analyze the current location and current status of Children
  • Transportation & Logistics - The Transportation and Logistics industry has to face daily challenges when it comes to keeping
  • Ambulance Monitoring - Ambulances are some of the most important vehicles that people rely on during times of need.
  • Generator Monitoring - Generators should be always monitored in order to ensure maximum performance.

Advantages of GPS Tracking

  • Maximize driver satisfaction
  • Improve fleet fuel management
  • Monitor and maximize vehicle proficiency
  • Over speeding Alerts, Undesired driving behavior, and Excessive idling alerts.
  • Geofencing Facility to set predetermined virtual boundaries.
  • Regular observations to predict delays in vehicle landing.
  • Use GPS Tracking to ensure the safety of children
  • GPS personal Tracking protect your elderly relatives.
  • Protect your drivers with car GPS navigation equipment.
  • Safety in secluded places


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