School Management System

Why School Management System Software???

School Management System Software is a systematic approach to manage the complex task of schools, colleges, coaching, and other educational institutions. School Management System Software is a tool designed to automate the institution’s operations and management, paperless administration, avoid costly errors and unnecessary wastage of time.

It is important to manage all internal activities in the school and also parents want to know about the student performance and activities in the school premises. The interaction between teachers and parents is effective communication for every student because these will up-skill his career in school life. Gathering whole student information in a single database is the smart managing school system.

The software has various modules such as admission management, student management, staff management, fee management, attendance, exam management, library management, transport management, hostel management and so on.

Student Module

Student Management Systems tradintionally was done using Papers or Spreadsheet software such as Microft Excel or Google Docs for managing the student data such as enquiries, admission details, fees collection, results and attendance.

There were few software available that offered specialized features as Student Management Systems but those systems were typically desktop based. The desktop based software had it's own limitations mainly limited accessibility. With fast growing Internet reach across India in last decade, the Internet access is available almost in every business location including the training centers. It has become need of the hour to have a Internet based Student Management Systems that is available 24x7 and accessible from anywhere.

ERP provides innumerable prospects to educational institutions than other school management software exists in the industry. The best educational module which can help the school administration to run the school for the betterment of the students. School Management System offers 24/7 services to keep the flow of schooling. The software uses the latest tools to build a secure technical environment.

It consists of all the academic as well as personal information of the student. It has an integrated grading system for keeping all the records without any error.

Teacher Module

Teachers have an important role to play in enhancing the system of education and in leading to effective development of skills and abilities among the students, particularly in leading to their growth and progression. So that teachers are important role in school.

Teacher Management Software covers a whole variety of your school’s working requirements. With this, you can manage a number of teachers in your school, their personal details, salary structure etc. Also according to the subject or expertise of staff, you can further keep a tab on each activity closely. This helps you to run a smooth management system thus making it easier to manage an entire faculty team in your school.

You can also manage and update personal details, education and qualification experience, login details and leaves granted for each faculty.

Attendance Module

The objective of the student attendance management system is to reduce the time that is consumed when attendance is taken manually.Our attendance management system easily helps to analyze student’s attendance details. A detailed summary of student attendance can be obtained in an instant. An automated attendance management system is a feasible and reliable. The manual attendance, which tends to consume a lot of the teacher precious classroom time. But attendance management system saves teachers time. Easily scalable and flexible to deploy the attendance management system in schools. Click the student profile to access attendance information you need and check the absences or late students.

An Attendance management system you can simply track students' as well as staffs' late arrivals, early departures and absences explained and unexplained.

Time and Attendance system is built around a secure architecture and role-based access system which allows you to track in real time and provide a set of rights to instructors to manage student attendance data. Using the security features ensures the data is safe, reliable and confidential. Instantly add third party fingerprint biometric software which supports fingerprint based biometrics.

Exam Module

Exam Management software allows you to create and conduct various types of exams, including qualifying exams, mid-terms, periodic tests and many more. Examination Management System, eliminate the unnecessary cost and paper wastage incurred during the examination process. Institute can conduct descriptive and objective type examination, generate multiple reports, terminate the report card printing and download, reduce workload for school teachers, provide instant feedback on student progress and access to view their results in a single click.

During an academic year, the student’s academic excellence and performance analysis can be review based on the different types of examinations, test, assignments, attendance, etc. schools now get an option to use powerful Examination Management System software combined with student exam module that allows not only to create results but also manage results. School results can, therefore, be easily managed through our student examination management system module where each examination can be defined and calculations run in real time giving parents and students more than 5 different analytics including class average, percentage, grade etc.

Academic Module

 A school management information system that allows school and colleges to efficiently manage day-to-day operations related to academic management system very easily. It facilitates complete students’ learning journey with perfect curriculum planning, lesson planning, allocating staffs, section allocation compliance all streamlined across the whole system to help develop student outcomes and administrative workflows.

Apart from the school timings, the students clarify their doubts by using the student management software. The students participate in the meaningful discussions, submitting assignments, homework details and sharing the information relating to the subject. The faculty clarifies their doubts and give marks to the students who completes the assignments.

Admission Module

With increasing number of students, year on year it is imperative for schools to follow online admission system. Moving to an online admissions system for schools where forms and application management platforms are entirely cloud-based provides ample benefits not only to schools, but also to applicant families.

The time of new admissions for any schools, especially with all that paperwork can be messy. But, online admission management module makes the process simpler and smarter by allowing for an enquiry module that makes it easy for new applicants to get the information they are looking for at the single click of a button.

Cloud-based admission system can revolutionize an admissions office, building efficiency, accountability, and creating a streamlined workflow. Documents associated with applications, such as identity proof, residence proof and mark-lists etc. can no longer be lost since they are stored online and also are attached to the correct applicant.

Fees Module

In Fee Collection Software, you can effortlessly manage student Fee Collection and maintain fees related data. You can view class wise total fee collected in selected date range. Fees Management System displays total fee collected in particular date range by cash, card, cheque, Bank Transfer etc. You can also export the complete data to an excel file.

A great benefit of school fees management system is the way that they function. They gather all the information related to students in the central database of your school and they also include extra information in the following areas:

  • Fee payment plans
  • School policies
  • Installments
  • Concessions
  • Scholarships
  • Due dates

All this information is collected by way of excel sheets within a span of 24 hours after the student has enrolled. They are also entered and then proofread with almost cent percent accuracy as well. This makes sure that there is no ambiguity in this regard at all.

These modules have been created by Kamaraj software solutions with the specific intention of making sure that the work of fee collection and receipt generation can be done in the shortest span of time possible. It also works in such a way that normal human errors, in this case, can be mitigated at the earliest.

Library Module

The library is one of the most used facilities in the school campus and is a critical part of the academic process. All library management system process like adding and managing books, issuing books, tracking books, etc. can be done with the help of school management software.

Library Management System provides unique barcode or QR. The school management can download and use them as it is.

A library is the heart and soul of a school. Complete information of all the books found in the library can be collated and updated into the library database software. It enables the students and librarians to manage and peruse the information available effectively.

Transportation Module

School transport providers provide transportation for multiple schools. So, for them ensuring safe and efficient transportation for students to and from school is one of the challenges they face in their normal routine. In these cases, vehicles are supposed to be tracked in every moment which is not an easy task.

Considering this, School Transport Provider Software in such a way that tracking can be done in an effective manner without much effort. This makes the administrative task of transport providers easy along with ensuring student safety. This is also beneficial for schools and parents as well.

Entire transportation management of a school starting from route creation, vehicle management, driver allocation, gps tracking etc. can be done from the school management system. This can be integrated with GPS devices in the vehicle to provide real-time data and alerts to parents and school management.

Hostel Module

Hostel is a place which is just like second home for the people who lives outside from the home they feel safe while living in hostel. To manage the data and information of the students who are living in hostel is a very complex task. Hostel management of school management system is an essential feature in both large and small institutions as it involves efficiently managing several aspects of the entire residential facility and reducing staff and manual work. This has been created to help the school staff and the student to easily register and use the facilities while keeping track of their activities within the premises.

Hostel Management Software has been designed to automate and effectively manage the entire process of gaining admission to the hostel. School management system gathers student information from its registration process and checks for room availability. The student is required to input all information for the process to give a super-fast output. Then it allocates rooms to the registered students and also records their fee and other advance payment details. This helps in keeping an organized record of all students using the hostel facility through the hostel management software

It has been designed with detailed features that monitor the movement of the student in and out of the premises and also keeps a record of the fee payment details. It has proved as an effective tool used to record complete details of all students who use the food, lodging and other facilities.


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